Porchetta di Testa

Porchetta di Testa

A few weeks ago, my girlfriend/Little Chef Claire swung by our local favorite Di Brunos to pick me up a little treat. She didn’t know what she was going to get me, but she knew that she wanted to pick up something amazing.

She asked our usual clerk for a recommendation; knowing my fondness for organ meat and the noble swine he picked a combination of Porchetta di Desta and Pecorino Romano. Claire picked up just enough for a few sandwiches and surprised me on an already lazy day off.

The porchetta was delicious; fatty, salty and full of texture. Tongue, cheek, ears, snout, meat and fat…. Offalgood.com describes it perfectly: “Translation a pigs head that is boned out then marinated for 2 days with rosemary and garlic rolled and tied then braised for 14 hours in a sous vide bag at 200 degrees to keep it all together.”

And made a few blocks from our house? Great choice.

Thick cut sourdough bread, honey mustard, cheese and meat. Lightly grilled with a pinch of milled garlic on the crust and it made for a very welcome lunch. That’s why she’s my little Chef!


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