Sausages: Venison & Rabbit

Fresh venison and rabbit sausage

I grew up with a family that hunted. Venison was often on the dinner table, and my brother and I occasionally hunted feral hares in our pastures. Smoked, fried, broiled or Bar-b-Q’d, we prepared wild game just about every way except sausage.

Over the weekend while walking to work, I stopped into D’angelo Brothers in the Italian Market to pick up a few treats. I bought a few links of fresh sausage; venison and rabbit. The inevitable “bambi & thumper” jokes aside, each had a unique taste that both went well with mustard. The venison was gamey, with sweet fruits and nuts for texture; the rabbit had liberal amounts of mustard seed and despite not having chunks of fat like a pork sausage still ended up plump and juicy.

I also picked up two gorgeous fresh elk steaks; buttery and tender with a pleasant gaminess. Claire and I served them rare, paired with sauteed cabbage. I didn’t manage to take a picture.

I’m never disappointed by a visit to D’angelo’s.


Ice Cream- Orange Blossom Honey

I’ve just finished making the custard for our second attempt at home made ice cream; this time it was a “what’s in the cabinet” decision when it came time to choose the flavor.

Luck was on my side; I had (to the ounce) just the right amount of milk and heavy cream I needed, exactly enough eggs and… to my surprise… a bottle of orange blossom honey!

The custard thickened up nicely and will be ready for “icecreamization” once I get home from work tonight. A perfect treat to pack in the cooler for our camping trip to Massachusetts!

How a Friday Night Should Be

Sitting at work today, at 3pm, I decided I was going to have a lazy night. I don’t care if its a Friday, I’m staying in. Seeing as I work Weds-Sunday, Today is more like my mid-week anyhow. Fast forward to 10pm: the “Aaah!!! Real Monsters” I was just watching has seeminly disappeared off Netflix. I needed a pick-me-up.

A few days ago Shawn and I had a joint birthday party (ours are only 6 days apart! Happy Birthday to us!) at the bar we both work at. On top of some delicious treats I made (and totally forgot to take pictures of. D’oh!) a bar regular made his incredible carrot cake as a truly wonderful gift. There were some leftovers in the fridge, and a slice was calling my name.

For Shawn’s birthday I got him an ice cream maker for his KitchenAid stand mixer. The other night was our first attempt at making ice cream. We went for simple vanilla; dipping our toes into the water instead of jumping into the keep end (don’t worry…cannonballs, belly flops and jackhammers are soon to come in the form of Garlic, Chocolate Cherry, and Alcoholic Apple Cider Ice Creams). It turned out pretty darn good. Especially for a first try. Once again, there were some leftovers in the fridge and a scoop was calling my name.

Leftover carrot cake+ homemade vanilla ice cream= heck yeah!