There’s no way to photograph a Silkie without it looking creepy. So I set up the lightbox and just sort of went with it. While it looks like a┬áminiature┬ádinosaur mashup (and I’m sure if you trace back the line of the noble chicken long enough, it might well be) that’s come straight from hell.

But really. It’s just a chicken. A fancy chicken.

Today was a day of kitchen-time for me. Cooked up a big veggie loaded lunch, then made a batch of pickled eggs (update in approx 3 weeks) followed by a “brinner” of Bacon, eggs and pancakes. After the washup, I cooked the silkie in my pressure cooker; making a dang fine stock in the process. Growing up, my Mom was big on chicken and yellow rice; so I used the silkie in a dish of saffron rice. The meat itself has a black overtone, but isn’t totally dark. Mixed well with the bright yellow of the rice, and the taste is roughly the same as a regular barnyard chicken. Overall a pretty fun fowl and really fun to be back in the kitchen doing projects.

Hopefully my updates here will be more frequent!


French Kiss

It’s been a while since we’ve posted; Claire has been busy with school and I don’t really cook excessive meals for just myself. Such is life.

You do have to stop and smell the roses sometime, so I treated myself to a “French Kiss” from Di Brunos. A cognac soaked prune cored out and stuffed with foie gras. Everything just came together perfectly.

See you guys soon!