There’s no way to photograph a Silkie without it looking creepy. So I set up the lightbox and just sort of went with it. While it looks like a miniature dinosaur mashup (and I’m sure if you trace back the line of the noble chicken long enough, it might well be) that’s come straight from hell.

But really. It’s just a chicken. A fancy chicken.

Today was a day of kitchen-time for me. Cooked up a big veggie loaded lunch, then made a batch of pickled eggs (update in approx 3 weeks) followed by a “brinner” of Bacon, eggs and pancakes. After the washup, I cooked the silkie in my pressure cooker; making a dang fine stock in the process. Growing up, my Mom was big on chicken and yellow rice; so I used the silkie in a dish of saffron rice. The meat itself has a black overtone, but isn’t totally dark. Mixed well with the bright yellow of the rice, and the taste is roughly the same as a regular barnyard chicken. Overall a pretty fun fowl and really fun to be back in the kitchen doing projects.

Hopefully my updates here will be more frequent!


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