I can’t believe it’s…. butter

It’s been a while since the little Chef and I have had a good kitchen adventure; our schedules rarely line up these days. So we decided on a quick, inexpensive experiment that could be done with minimal ingredients/preparation. Something that could be done while dinner was cooking.

Butter. Smooth, creamy butter.
The ingredients are simple enough: Heavy Cream.
The preparation is simple enough as well; put the cream into the kichenaid mixer and whip until the butter solids have separated from the butter milk.

I ran the mixer on a medium/fast setting (six, I believe) and did kitchen busy work while it whipped. (ok; I sat there watching it like a hawk as it thickened) First came whipped cream; a familiar texture and color. But as it whipped the color and consistency started to change. White became yellow and fluffy became chunky. The butter solids were pulling away from the buttermilk which is when I knew that the whipping phase was completed.

The next step was fairly “icky”. I pulled all of the solids out of the buttermilk (which hasn’t been fermented like storebought buttermilk) and began expressing the remaining milk from them. The heat of my hands/friction started melting the butter as I “squished” out the excess milk. Once all of the liquid was expressed, we pulled it into two batches to be seasoned.

I used slightly more than 1/4tsp of sea salt in the first ‘butterball’ and a little over 1/4tsp of truffle sea salt in the second. Claire had stepped out to buy a loaf of crusty bread, so by the time the butter was finished we were ready to try it out. For our first attempt I’m happy to say that it came out perfect.