Sausages: Venison & Rabbit

Fresh venison and rabbit sausage

I grew up with a family that hunted. Venison was often on the dinner table, and my brother and I occasionally hunted feral hares in our pastures. Smoked, fried, broiled or Bar-b-Q’d, we prepared wild game just about every way except sausage.

Over the weekend while walking to work, I stopped into D’angelo Brothers in the Italian Market to pick up a few treats. I bought a few links of fresh sausage; venison and rabbit. The inevitable “bambi & thumper” jokes aside, each had a unique taste that both went well with mustard. The venison was gamey, with sweet fruits and nuts for texture; the rabbit had liberal amounts of mustard seed and despite not having chunks of fat like a pork sausage still ended up plump and juicy.

I also picked up two gorgeous fresh elk steaks; buttery and tender with a pleasant gaminess. Claire and I served them rare, paired with sauteed cabbage. I didn’t manage to take a picture.

I’m never disappointed by a visit to D’angelo’s.